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Please forgive the mess, its like we moved into the projects. our plan is to tear this decrepit sht down and rebuild something that does not reek of the pit of society. This neighborhood formed shortly after 9/11 has been overtaken by gangster criminals, we have the FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA, Homeland Security, FEMA, Corrupt Police, roaming around day and night terrorizing the streets, murdering innocents. Committing just about every crime know to man. That is just the opinion of this website. Yet we find overwhelming evidence that this opinion is the truth.
This is a site where true patriots will find freedom.
There is no patriot act here.
We live by the laws of GOD
not by the laws of Satan
Any law, act, legislation that allows for the torturing, targeting, stalking, murdering of innocent civilians we all can agree is not one that could ever be enforced.
The notion of the criminal agencies in our Country that they can act in a terrorist capacity Above the law of a civilized society, is a foolish one. The NAZI’s in Germany had the same feeling of accountability, and it hung with them till the end.
We can no longer dance around such an evil as the targeting and murdering of innocent civilians when we have NSA, CIA, FBI whistleblowers telling of these programs, when we have respectable Doctors telling of the evils they do.
When we have American heros forced to leave the country of their birth such as Edward Snowden to escape the wrath of the Deep State Government/
We cannot allow thousands of civilians to go unheard as they cry for help each day on numerous social media sites. These are the numbers we find when their is almost complete censorship by these criminals that have almost completed the implementation of a total surveillance state.
If action is not taken now all communications will soon be censored.
This is unheard of in America.
This is only the opinion of a targeted individual.
Please research and form your own or ask someone else what you think.

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